My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.
My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Wow, what more can I say. For years, my dad has told me about how beautiful a city Edinburgh was and upon stepping outside of Waverly Station, I started to marvel at the impeccable architecture of old along side jaw-dropping scenery of verdant hills. Pictured here is Arthur's seat, the main peak of a group of hills that overlook the town.

Historic Architecture

The town is peppered with perfectly picturesque pieces of art in forms of stone walled buildings. Although the town itself rests on some pretty steep hills, Edinburgh is truly best experienced by walking and wandering.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the main attractions of the town is Edinburgh Castle, which I highly recommend you put aside a good 2-3 hours to really soak in. There are a lot of interesting rooms to visit, including an armory and the prisoner's barracks.

Boom, Scotty!

Every day (except Sunday) at 1:00 PM, a cannon is fired right outside of the Redcoat Cafe. This is a tradition that goes all the way back in 1861 and was done to provide ships with an audible time signal. I was suprised at how punctual this cannon was actual fired!

Bagpipes and Kilts

Where else are going to find street bagpipers in full Scottish garb?

Busking Life

Buskers are present in almost all cities where you find tourist and people, but I have to say, all the buskers I listened to in Edinburgh were beyond amazing! This girl here had a effortless voice that should be on the radio. I think she was singing a cover of Maroon 5's Sugar, but was so good it took me a minute to realize that it wasn't her own original song.

Nom nom Haggis

If you're fairly adventurous, I would highly recommend you try Haggis, which is in essence, oatmeal mixed in with sheep's heart, lungs, liver, and various spices. Pictured here is a haggis, neeps (turnips), and tatties (potatoes) tower drenched in whiskey saurce at Arcade Haggis and House. Alongside a pint of the Three Hop local beer, it's an explosion of flavor all in one dish!