My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.
My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.


Cheers mate! I spent a week in Great Britain to check out how the Brits live! And pretty much, it was fish and chips for days, while watching Celebrity Juice every night!

The London Eye

First thing I did upon arriving to London was to take a long nap (screw you jetlag!). But upon waking up, I took a short ride out on the Tube and hopped on the London Eye, which is a large ferris wheel type thing from which you can see all of London's splendid glory.

Big Ben

One of the more famous attractions in London, the Big Ben is truly a remarkable sight to see, especially at night. And yes, the clock does work as it rings every hour!

Westminster Abbey

Upon wandering the streets of London late at night, I came across this magnificent landmark in London. Only up close can you truly appreciate all the fine details and impressive craftmanship that this building encompasses.

Buckingham Palace

On day two of my journey, I took a stroll through London to check out all the attractions it had to offer. First stop was Buckingham Palace, where you will find lovely gardens, stoic guards, and a plethra of tourists.

The National Gallery

The next stop was to the National Gallery, a free (yes free) art museum with plenty of art for my artistic eyes to gaze upon. The entertainment was not limited to the inside as plenty of street performers and buskers alike were doing their thing right outside.

River Thames

Walking across London Bridge, you get an unrivaled view of the London Eye and Big Ben soaring over the river. It's quite a lovely comparison to see London day versus night.

Fish and Chips for Days!

At least once a day, I had to have fish and chips! I tried a few restaurants, but the best had to be the ones pictured here, from Poppies! They even served it with some newspaper lined in the box, as they did in the days of yore.


Before arriving to the UK, I had no idea that Stonehenge was actually here. So it was a pleasant surprise to know that it was just a 3 hour bus ride west of London. I was blessed with fantastic weather while visiting this stunning monument. I'm pretty conviced that this was all possible because of aliens.


Also about 3 hours west of London was this lovely city called Bath, named after the historic Roman baths that are now a major attraction in this city. But overall, the city itself was charming and very pleasant, marked with gorgeous architecture and well kept parks. Also did I mention that Nic Cage used to own a house here?

Abbey Road

So I love music. And I love the Beatles. So I had to venture my way to Abbey Road Studios, and more importantly, the crosswalk right outside where the Beatles famously shot their cover for said album. It's funny watching tourists annoy drivers while they try to recreate the same photo.