My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.
My Random Wanderings
I'm Charles and I'm wildly addicted with adventure and traveling the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Our last stop on the Asia trip of 2015, but it was well worth the wait! There is so much weirdness and quirkyness in Japan, which is right up my alley. Pictured here is Shibuya's Crossing, the world's busiest intersection.

Gotokuji Temple

Said to be the origin of the famous Lucky Cat, you know the one with one paw up that greets you at almost every Asian establishment. There is an entire shine devoted to the "meneki neko" - I made sure to get as much of that luck as I can!

Oh My, Golden Gai

Certainly one of my favorite places in Tokyo, Golden Gai is a small area of about 6-8 alleyways packed with over 200 themed bars. You'll meet locals and tourists alike, as it has become quite a famous place of gathering in Toyko. It certainly hosts the most epic bar crawls ever!


Also known as Electric City, an entire town devoted to games, anime, and electronics....only in Tokyo!

Ramen in Japan

When in Japan, you must ramen! At this one location we had ramen, you order through vending machines, carefully selecting which options you would like in your bowl. Once completed, you take tickets to a booth, where a small window allows the chefs to serve your order. How simple!


Similar to what we saw in Beijing, Tokyo also has its fair share of historic temples. What's interesting is to see the differences in the architecture and design - the slight variations clearly distinguish one culture from another.

Alcatraz E.R.

Toyko is known for its many themed cafes and restaurants. The one we decided to check out was a real creepy place called Alcatraz E.R. Let's say its a strange combination of jails and doctors. What you see here is what my drink was being served in...and this was one of the tamer items on the menu.

Square Enix

I'm a REAL big fan of Square Enix and so I had to at least visit their HQ. Next to their building was a little Final Fantasy themed cafe called Artnia, in which we had some of their desserts. It doesn't seem like it in the photo, but we were drenched due to a typhoon that decimated western Japan.

Japanese Curry

I did not know that curry is a big thing out there in Japan. Big enough, that they have a chain of fast food called Coco Ichiban that only serves curry. You can pretty much create your own dish as the options are endless. I've never had scambled eggs on curry before, but yah it was pretty tasty.

Diver City, Odaiba

Where can you find a life-size statue of a robot? Of course, outside of a shopping mall in Tokyo!